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Nyah Pham Life Coaching
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“Nyah is a great coach. She has the ability to listen with compassion but also keeps you accountable which is a great mix. Working with her has made me feel like I’m growing in many areas of my life. I would 100% recommend Nyah as your personal coach to glory.”


Callum, UK

“I would say Nyah is a question goddess. It’s her ability to ask just the right question at just the right time, after listening carefully to your challenge or need, that makes her hit your sweet spot. Her insightful questions uncover the finest “Aha” moments of realisation, letting you learn what’s really going on – and what needs to change. And it is a powerful thing! Nyah makes you speak your own truth – so you can hear it. Work with Nyah if you take yourself seriously. Work with her if you don’t know how to. Even work with her if you think life is pretty good. You’ll discover what really matters.”


Christina, Portugal

“I’m grateful for working with Nyah! She knows what she’s doing, is a great listener and she keeps you accountable. Working with her has made me feel focussed, comfortable and more human. I would recommend Nyah to anyone that needs to get back on track with their personal or even business life. I’m so appreciative of the coaching sessions we had together.”


Kash, UK

“Changing is never easy. It takes courage and you have to invest yourself in the process. Nyah has been guiding me through faces of deep thinking and embraced my vulnerability. With honesty, and telling me the sometimes harsh truth she has guided me. The process has been full of crying, swearing, fun, laughter, love, truth and acceptance. She has supported me with her kindness and friendship. It’s all of these things that have helped shape me into the person I wanted to be. I feel free. I feel strong and I feel grateful that I have met someone like Nyah to help me lead the way.”


Tille, Denmark

“Nyah is an outstanding coach. When I worked with Nyah I had a sense that I had a partner who genuinely cared about my well being. She has the ability to hear what is not said. I have never felt more heard and understood as when I worked with Nyah.”


Julia, Germany

“Nyah has a natural gift for life coaching. She’s patient, understanding and a great listener. She also makes sure that you walk away from each call with specific tasks and objectives that require work on the client’s part. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing any part of their life.”


Louise, Denmark